How to Set Up a Dessert Table for an Outdoor Party?

I am setting up a dessert table for an outdoor party, at a park, under a covering, but wondering what others do to accommodate outdoor weather….it’s suppose to be in the low 90’s…so staying away from chocolate and other ‘melting’ candy/sweets. what are some good sweets to include (desserts/candy) to handle outdoors weather. Also – backdrop? how do you attach/setup a backdrop to a table, in a picnic area? Also, what kind of table covers to use? The picnic area does have a covering, but it’s too high to use to hang from. When indoors, I usually just lean up against a wall (behind the table) or hang down from ceiling.

I have an outdoor party table to do this weekend, and still trying to figure out the backdrop and table covers? Outdoor party backdrops are tricky, it takes only a second for the wind to make a sail out of whatever you have hanging. I also wouldn’t put the dessert station on the edge on the covering unless you know for sure what direction the sun will be coming, because if you end up in direct sunlight with the desserts it doesn’t matter what they are they will melt.

You can use decor and fabric table covers to add height to the table just make sure whatever it is is sturdy so it doesn’t blow over easy. Most outdoor backdrops you see with fabric and such are up against some type of wall or structure. If you start looking at park dessert stations you will notice they usually only hang decor from over head not from behind the table.

What about using an inexpensive easel? I know I have gotten a couple from Hobby Lobby. I have also seen tutorials on taking two metal buckets and filling with bagged cement and putting tall PVC pipes in each. Then attach the L connectors at the top of each pipe and add a center pole.

As far as sweets – that is tough. Maybe mini shortcakes, watermelon or other fruit, rice krispy treats, gummy bears, swedish fish, twizzlers…